"whether these stone structures are massive or small structures, stacked, stone rows or effigies, these prayers in stone are often mistaken by archaeologists and State Historic Preservation Offices (SHPOs) as the efforts of farmers clearing stones for agricultural or wall building purposes"
( USET Resolution No.2007:037 )

"since time out of mind"

s 10


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  • Kerriann on 2017-May-19 22:28:48 Kerriann said

    Oui Fortmarrie c’est tout autant du foutage de gueule, je n’ai aucune estime pour la CB et elle m’en inspire chaque jour moins. N&pehuo;smrêcqe que je ne trouve pas la plaidoirie pertinente!
  • JimmiNu on 2017-Sep-09 12:57:57 JimmiNu said

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